Garrtech was founded in 1991 to design and manufacture blow molds for the plastic packaging markets. As a start-up company our vision was to target complicated and tough tooling, most of which was turned down by our competitors. Through hard work, ingenuity and perseverance, we quickly earned a reputation for building quality molds.

Today, Garrtech is a leader in designing and manufacturing sophisticated blow molds for the packaging, industrial, recreational and commercial markets. Our success is based on providing our customers high quality molds and speed to market. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to provide exceptional value by evaluating product design, improving mold and cycle times, and assisting in the evaluation of adjustments to critical dimensions during start-up qualification.

With the success we earned in the mold industry, we decided to diversify our business.  The decision wasn’t easy: it was necessary to even out the intermittent fluctuations of the mold making industry. The transition was relatively smooth. The skills developed in the mold making business were applicable to precision machining of parts for the aerospace, medical, energy and nuclear markets.   Precision machining now represents a significant portion of our annual business.

Integrating the two business units has provided benefits that we did not anticipate. Synergies arising from best practices of speed to market and the execution of complicated five axis machining has resulted in the achievement of excellence in quality. The experience of combining these two initiatives has enhanced our capabilities within the blow molding industry.